How to Effectively Remove Facial Hair

November 20, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

In theory, facial hair removal in Glendale, CA is fairly simple. You just wax it out or get some tweezers, strip or pluck away. But in reality, removing facial hair is more complex than just tweezing it away. But why?

Because the skin on your face is highly sensitive than in any other body part. Thus it may respond differently to various types of hair removal. That’s why you need to map your face into zones. Each zone will react differently.

Removing Facial Hair


Go for tweezing or plucking. Stay away from modern techniques like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or lasers. You can also wax, though it has the tendency to break hairs. That’s why most hair stylists advice against it.

Besides, waxing offers less precision and can easily wax the entire eyebrows off. Stick to the safer techniques of plucking and tweezing. You won’t worry about annoying ingrown eyebrows.

But if you choose to wax and make some mistakes, don’t worry. You can use micro blading to fix the mess.

Lip Hair

Hair removal creams would be your best choice. They’re affordable, easy to apply and painless. But never leave them on for a long time. The chemicals can be very harmful to your skin.

You may also choose to shave. But you should be prepared to feel some stubbly bit as the hair grows back.
Waxing is another choice, but you’ll experience intense pain irrespective of the numbing creams you use. Also, ensure that like Danie’s Beauty Salon, the stylists have the experience and skills to do the treatments.

How to Effectively Remove Facial Hair